International Max Planck Research School on Neuroscience of Communication: Structure, Function, & Plasticity

Department of Neuropsychology

Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive & Brain Sciences (MPI CBS)

Thesis Avisory Committee: Prof. Angela D. Friederici, Dr. Emiliano Zaccarella, and Prof. Christian Doeller

Department of Neuropsychology

Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive & Brain Sciences (MPI CBS)

Division for Clinical Cognitive Sciences (CCS) 

Department of Neurology, RWTH, Aachen, Germany

Typology and structure of the embodied negation: a TMS study.

(Summa cum Laude)

Supervisors: Prof. Luisa Lugli, Prof. Anna Maria Borghi, and Prof. Ferdinand Binkofski

Italian Studies, European Literary Cultures, Linguistics, Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna, Italy (2018) 

Faculty of Philosophy, University of Tübingen, Germany

With sober words: Linguistic analysis of the class newspapers of Alatri (1932-1937).

(Summa cum Laude)

Supervisor: Prof. Paola Cantoni

Languages, Cultures, Literature, Translation, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, Università di Roma - La Sapienza, Italy


WS20/21 - Planning and Conducting a Psychology Experiment

University of Leipzig

TOPICS: Experimental design; Experimental techniques; Programming in Python; Experimental programming with Psychopy; Experimental programming for EEG & fMRI; Analysis of results with R; Basic statistics.

2021 - A guide to online experiments using Pavlovia (slides here)

University of Potsdam 


Frontiers in Psychology; Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews; The Journal of Neuroscience; NeuroImage; SAGE Open 

2022, Workshop

Segregation and overlap between action and language: Neurobiological and theoretical perspectives 

Committee Member, Organisation Committee, Speaker

2021, Lecture Series

 Leipzig Lectures on Language 2021—Combinatorics 

Committee Member, Organisation Committee